Obama Wants the Bad Teachers Out

Obama wants to see “bad teachers” moved out of the classroom, as reported in a recent article. The reporter notes, “If the nation’s schools are going to see improvement, President Barack Obama says there has to be a way to ease bad teachers out of the classroom.”

Further, “Obama said some people just aren’t meant to be teachers.” I think he’s right on this charge. I don’t think there’s a panacea for solving all the ills in education, but I do see people in my own building who are not there to be better teachers.

However, I also feel that administrators need to take some of this on their shoulders to do one of two things to help the situation: 1) go through the lengthy steps to oust poor teachers or 2) become teachers of teachers and make those deemed “poor” improve.

As a teacher, I’m limited in what I can do to help; peer pressure only goes so far. I really think the easiest way to see improvement is to get help from building and district leadership (better and more authentic professional development, help for struggling teachers, paid time to observe other teachers, and so on).

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Obama Wants the Bad Teachers Out

  1. Betty

    I agree. It is up to the administrators in the school to ensure that everyone is doing an effective job. It’s also up to admin to have a supportive environment for teachers so the teachers will feel comfortable asking for help. One year I had a principal who knew how to motivate her staff. She was positive, upbeat, and always there if a teacher needed advice. In all of the years I taught, that year was the best. Everyone wanted to please her and went above and beyond to do so. The students and parents also responded well to her leadership.

  2. Clix


    The most important reason that there are bad teachers is not because unions are super-powerful. It’s not because teachers get crappy pay. Nor is it because ed schools have incompetent professors.

    It’s because administrators DON’T USE the resources ALREADY AVAILABLE to them to help or remove weak teachers.

  3. Mystery Teacher

    In our district they are afraid to weed out the bad teachers. They are so afraid of law suits that they just keep hanging onto bad teachers and pray they retire.
    They use to put teachers they want to get rid of into teaching positions they knew they would hate. Like a 6th grade teacher into a kinder class. That worked, but it sure was a cowards way out.


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