Education Pays the Bills

A Spokane newspaper article details the value of education by the numbers. Take a look at this:

The U.S. unemployment rate was 8.1 percent in February, the highest in about 25 years. A closer look reveals that the jobless rate is an alarming 12.6 percent for people who lack a high school diploma. It’s considerably lower, 8.3 percent, for high school graduates, and only 4.1 percent for college graduates.

A nationwide Census Bureau survey showed these estimated annual median incomes for 2007 for workers 25 and older at varying levels of education:

•$19,405, less than high school graduate.

•$26,894, high school graduate (includes equivalency certification).

•$32,874, some college or an associate (community college) degree.

•$46,805, bachelor’s degree.

•$61,287, graduate or professional degree.

Maybe students will be impacted by this dose of reality.


4 thoughts on “Education Pays the Bills

  1. alexis america

    Most people find that every penny they spent in a community college was a penny well spent. There are however, ways in which you can greatly reduce your overall expenses when it comes to getting your college degree. T

  2. Imee

    I’m glad that I finished my bachelor’s degree. I mean sure, you don’t have to finish your education to find a job or get hired, but finishing college can sure help a lot.


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