Recruits in Diapers Next?

Would it bother you to know that the student in your 7th grade classroom can be recruited by NCAA coaches? Well, they can be. That’s the ruling by the NCAA. Since coaches kept doing it anyway, it’s now legal.

At least the schools can’t buy them cars! Maybe a Wii, or an iPod, or a Big Wheel, but no cars. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “Recruits in Diapers Next?

  1. niclake13

    Here’s the biggest question… what did you want to be in 7th grade, and where are you now?

    When I was in 7th grade, I still had dreams of playing 3rd base for the Boston Red Sox. Now, I just watch sports, write about them, and pretend I know a thing or two about what it takes to play.

    There’s no way on earth any 7th grader should even be allowed to sign themselves on to a college. They’re not even done growing yet. This is probably the craziest thing that I’ve ever heard of in my life.


  2. Ryan

    As a first grade teacher I welcome this happy development, and would like to make it known to any scouts that I have several talented athletes who I can steer them towards in exchange for a modest finders fee.

    (gotta make up for the craptacular TRS account somehow, right?)


  3. queueball

    It used to be a joke: qb was born at Baylor hospital in Dallas, and upon arrival (9 lbs. 13 oz.), his family received a recruiting certificate saying (in jest, of course: the year was 1964) that qb would have a scholarship to play on Baylor’s offensive line.

    This NCAA ruling is obscene.


  4. drpezz Post author

    I read that in SI this week. That was great! Satirical takes are often my favorite. You’ll have to sign up your Joshua with a recruiting tour of WSU and Coach Bennett’s program soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


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