Going to be a Good Week

After such a long week this past week, I’m psyched for our four-day week ahead.

First, I get to start teaching my favorite Shakespearean play: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. We have already learned some background information through a video and a history chapter (and I can say learned because all but one student really aced the background quiz), and we have had a Shakespearean insult contest–always a blast! Tomorrow we’re going over some vocabulary and then jumping into a conversation about theories on leadership before starting the play.

Plus, I get to start moving into The Great Gatsby this week. We’re creating bulletin boards detailing the 1920s and reading “Soldier’s Home” (Hemingway), “I’m a Fool” (Anderson), and “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” (Fitzgerald). The kids love the last one, especially when Bernice pulls out her scissors. Read these stories. They’re great! (Here’s a link to last year’s boards.)

Penultimately, my new mythology class is starting to learn about Prometheus and how he became a symbol of righteous rebellion against unjust authority. Kids love rebels. This leads us into the Underworld, which is always a popular unit where we try to design what the Underworld should look like. Then, we create our own Underworlds with a theme (much like a Dante’s Inferno-type rendition with themes). It’s fun and the kids know the Underworld once we finish. One of my favorite designs (of how a group thought the Underworld should look) included the band Styx playing “Mr. Roboto” for eternity to tortured souls.

However, the best news is this: no administrative meetings. I had enough of those last week. Oh, and did I mention it’s only a four-day week? And we have a four-day weekend upcoming? Things are looking up.

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