On Friday I realized that quite a few students do not know how to use a dictionary. They didn’t know what the words at the top of the page meant and had trouble searching through alphabetical listings. They also had trouble discerning which definition is the right one.

I understand that students today probably just go to dictionary.com and type in the words they don’t know, but I can’t let the kids use the computers for the state test. Paper dictionaries, however, are permissible. Looks like I have a new skill to teach (in high school!).


2 thoughts on “Uh-Oh

  1. Little Swallow

    Not all forms of reference are online or electronic (at least right now). Foreign language dictionaries (that have more than just a direct translation), those tomes used in college-level chemistry, subject-specific glossaries in textbooks, and plenty more examples necessitate the need to use non-electronic reference in a similar format as the dictionary — so even past the test and aside from the English language, there’s a lot this skill can be used towards!


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