Are You Inspired?

Every time I see the often-shared video below, I must admit that the young speaker is quite impressive. He makes many of my high schoolers pale in comparison.

However, I must admit something which may violate the seemingly sacrosanct discussion of this video: I’m not inspired by it.

I don’t think I’m the intended audience. The young man’s speech seems aimed at those who may be giving up, and I feel I am far from surrender or apathy.

Still, I think watching this video makes me feel good. I’m happy to know a young man can be such a force and inspire others. Yes, I’ve heard he didn’t write the speech. Yes, I understand he may have memorized it, and he may have been coached.

I don’t care. It’s a great speech.

4 thoughts on “Are You Inspired?

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  2. mrschili

    This is a great thing for me to see right about this time of the semester. I’m a little down right now, and I think I need a Taylor Mali fix… Sigh.


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