Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

Interesting Situation

A teacher in my building has some hearing loss from an unknown cause and received an appointment with a local expert, but the testing of her hearing is scheduled for 7 am Monday. This two-hour test means she would miss the first 75 minutes of the day, which is during an all-district meeting in our auditorium. It’s the “state of the district” meeting. If she misses the appointment, the next opening is two months away.

Well, the administrator, who is this teacher’s evaluator, told the teacher she had to get a 1/2 day substitute. This means a sub would sit through the meeting and then be required to teach the first two periods of the day while the normal teacher could be teaching those periods instead (since her appointment would be long over by then) and only miss the meeting.

The teacher called me as the union guy, but I had to tell her the truth; the administrator can require the substitute. I don’t think this makes much sense since the meeting is the only part of the day missed, and the teacher could teach her own classes. However, the administrator is following the letter of the law, which is the teachers’ contract regarding absence time.

To me, this is a time to make an exception because of the unique circumstances of the day.

What do you think?