My Bias and Yankee Stadium

I’m a big fan of sports radio. I listen to it while getting ready in the morning, while working outside, and while walking to work each morning. I enjoy the arguments, the interviews, and the statistics.

However, I have a very difficult time feeling anything about the closing of a building, Yankee Stadium, in which I have never stepped. Over 99% of the sports fanatics out there in the U.S. have not stepped inside The House That Ruth Built. I struggle to understand the sadness over the closing of a facility rebuilt just across the street. Even though The Kingdome was the stadium where I learned to love sports, I did not mourn its closing. For me, it’s not the building but the personalities and the events, in short, the people who made me care about sports.

Still, this is not why I’m writing this post. As I listened to the sportscasters wax poetic about the closing of Yankee Stadium, I kept thinking to myself “I don’t get it.” Like I said earlier, over 99% of the sports fans in the U.S. have never even been in the closing complex. The vast majority of us can’t relate.

This brings me to my bias. I have a very difficult time listening to people who have never taught tell me how to teach. The lack of understanding, the inability to relate, and (ultimately) the absence of a shared experience make me instantly resistant to their advice, or directives as the case may be.

I cannot relate to the sorrow-laden fans in The Big Apple, and I wonder how many people can truly relate to teachers and their dilemmas. I recognize my bias and must fight through it, but I also find myself continually cautious when someone presents or advises who has not been in my position.

This is something on which I need to improve.


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