Fun Games in the Classroom

One game I like to play with my students is TriBond. Sometimes when we have a few minutes to spare we play different thinking games, and this is one of my (and my students’) favorites.

The idea is to figure out the common bond connecting three seemingly random items. Here are a few of the puzzles with the answers down below.

1. the Lincoln Assassination, Superman comics, a diner

2. an elephant, a tree, a car

3. an icy airplane, a naughty child, a wire

4. sucker, rabbit, haymaker

5. a bad golfer, a bad writer, a bad cough


1. They all have booths (Booths).

2. They all have trunks.

3. They are all grounded.

4. They are all punches.

5. They all are hacks.

These are great thinking games to play as a class, as a quick bonus question on a quiz, or as a time filler.

7 thoughts on “Fun Games in the Classroom

  1. Mystery Teacher

    I don’t know if my brain works that way but my daughters would get them. They are fantastic at associating things.

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