Monthly Archives: August 2008

No Striking!

Teachers in a few of Washington State’s school districts have hinted at strikes to start the year (see here and here and here). To me, this is a bad idea on a couple fronts.

Firstly, one editorial writer notes that:

Facing a nearly $3 billion deficit, the Legislature isn’t likely to be more generous. In other industries [in Washington State], pay raises have been replaced by layoffs, weakening any sympathy teachers might otherwise engender. Continue reading


I Love New Teachers

As I was getting off the phone and after setting up an orientation meeting with a brand new teacher, she obviously didn’t realize she hadn’t hung up before saying to her husband after a high-pitched squeal, “I have my first meeting! Woo-hoo!” How cute is that?!

The Rule of 90

My rule of 90 is an axiom I believe will be true forever: 90% of the problems are caused by 10% of the people.

This continues to be true in my building as I found out today. I will attend my first department head retreat tomorrow, and on the agenda is whether or not we should keep having finals week. Apparently, a few teachers told kids not to come in on those days, played games, or had parties during the scheduled final time. When I asked how many teachers we’re talking about, I was told 8-10. That’s less than 10% of the teachers! Continue reading