Grammar Vandals

Correcting the grammar on public signs can land in you in court. That’s right. Two young men from Massachusetts found out the hard way that the grammar police may be unwanted in many areas of the country.

[Jeff] Deck and [Benjamin] Herson, both 28, toured the United States this spring, wiping out errors on government and private signs. They were interviewed by NPR and the Chicago Tribune, which called them “a pair of Kerouacs armed with Sharpies and erasers and righteous indignation.”

Deck and Benjamin ran a website for the two of them detailing their grammatical crusade. Their new two-man organization is called the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL), and now they are banned from national parks for a year when they altered the grammar on “a more than 60-year-old, hand-painted sign at Grand Canyon National Park” when they placed an apostrophe in the correct position and added a comma while not correcting the spelling of the word “emense.”

With tongue firmly in cheek Deck said he “was reluctant to disfigure the sign any further. … Still, I think I shall be haunted by that perversity, emense, in my train-whistle-blighted dreams tonight.” Now the two must stay out of nationl parks for a year and pay to have the sign repaired; the grammar errors must be put back!


4 thoughts on “Grammar Vandals

  1. mrschili

    Oh, for Heaven’s sake; they’re going to fix the corrections OUT OF THE SIGN?! They (the amorphous and obviously stubbornly ignorant “they’) would rather the sign be WRONG?! Sometimes, I think it’s not worth the fight.


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