By The Numbers

I found this meme on another blog, Where’s the Sun?, and decided to complete it:

Back To School Meme

Completed in Reference to (Self or Child): Self

1. Number of years teaching or your eldest child has been in school (k through college) ? 9

2. Amount approximately spent on Back to School Items so far including clothes? $5.00

3. Number of Days until school starts in your area (+ or – if it’s started)? 12

4. Approximate distance school is from your house? 1.5 miles

5. Amount of time it will take you or your child to get to school from your house by car or bus? 5 minutes by car but a 30 minute walk (which I try to do daily)

6. The actual or approximate number of students in the class you teach or your oldest child’s class? 25-32 per class

7. The number of classes in your grade or your oldest child’s grade level? We teach about 100 sections of English at my school

8. The price to buy a full student lunch at school? $2.35

9. Number of schools in your district? 12

10. Early dismissal days already built into the calendar? 3

11. Price paid for the most expensive back to school item so far? $5.00 for a used book

12. Time school day ends? 3:00

5 thoughts on “By The Numbers

  1. mrschili

    Not exciting, but certainly fun.

    A friend sent me The Pocket Muse, which is a book of glossy pictures and short writing prompts. As a composition teacher, I think this will come in mighty handy.


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