I Love New Teachers

As I was getting off the phone and after setting up an orientation meeting with a brand new teacher, she obviously didn’t realize she hadn’t hung up before saying to her husband after a high-pitched squeal, “I have my first meeting! Woo-hoo!” How cute is that?!


8 thoughts on “I Love New Teachers

  1. SavvyD

    So cute. Can’t wait till her enthusiasm is dampened by the onslaught of absolute crap that teachers get thrown at them. Maybe she will love it anyway. Who knows?

  2. Jim Van Pelt

    I think SavvyD’s comment about “absolute crap” is interesting. I don’t disagree with it, but the teachers who maintain enthusiasm and joy somehow are able to overcome it. The payoffs far exceed the price for them.

    When I took over the newspaper at the high school a bunch of years ago, I asked the previous advisor why she was quitting. She said that advising the paper was like being nibbled to death by ducks. It wasn’t that there were overwhelming problems, but there were constant small ones. It got to her. Teaching strikes me a lot that way. There’s hardly ever anything that seems overwhelmingly bad: the counseling department wants to add just one more kid to your overcrowded class. The principal wants you to make just one more meeting a week than last week. The department wants to add just one more common assessment than last year. The latest educational revolution has come along, negating everything you did in the previous years. The local paper published just one more negative article about the building’s state scores. Etc.

    I think what gets to some teachers and kills enthusiasm are all these little things that are easy to dismiss when considered by themselves, but become crushing when endured year after year.

    Have you ever seen a horse that is being worried by horseflies as it stands in a field? A horsefly is a tiny thing compared to a horse, but there are a lot of them, and they are relentless. Some horses can stand there, flicking their tail occasionally to scare the flies off, but every once in a while a horse will go crazy with it and dash around the field, trying to get away from the pests.

    The teachers who last figure out a way to ignore the nibbling ducks and the unstoppable horseflies.

    I hope your new teacher is one of those.

  3. Senorite.Hache

    I am starting my second year and I love teaching. I joke with my tenured co-workers, asking them to avoid jading me on life because I am young and new, hahaha. I always hope that at a minimum my co-workers find my enthusiasm cute or entertaining:)

    The comments from Jim Van Pelt interested me. I think he hit the nail on the head. I always am able to let go of the little things… ignore the annoying horseflies… and I do find the reward of teaching very worth while. I love to be around people and I love the opportunity to influence other people’s lives. I think teaching, like any other career, is all about finding the right fit, which is why I probably would not be happy at most desk jobs…

  4. Anonymous

    Tamara – There is a sign-up process, which allows you to have your posts spring up there.

    JVP and SH – Managing the little stuff adds up to large gains later. Being able to adapt and not sweat the small stuff makes the job (and life) so much easier.

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