Snarky Time

Does the person in the final panel seem familiar? Maybe that student who sits in the back corner of the room trying to listen to his iPod each period? Maybe he asks, “when do we get out of here?” or some other charming query? I think I had quite a few of his ilk last semester.

(Click on the cartoon to enlarge it.)

2 thoughts on “Snarky Time

  1. ms_teacher

    Driving into my school yesterday, I was listening to a news program. My son was in the car with me and he heard the newscaster talk about the conflict with Russian and Georgia. He asked me about Georgia, because at 12, he clearly thought they meant our Georgia. So, I explained to him that this Georgia was not our Georgia and that it was a country that was next to Russia.

    At least at 12, he’ll know more than the guy in the last frame of the comic! Sadly, I think it’s typical of too many Americans.

  2. drpezz Post author

    I had a senior (?!) who couldn’t find Germany on the world map on my wall. ARGH! I also had a number of kids have trouble finding Iraq. Grrrr.


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