Daily Archives: August 14, 2008

Online Social Sites Can Help Teachers

Despite the bad rap that online social sites like MySpace and Facebook receive, teachers are still using them to discuss homework and answer questions. Randy Turner, a teacher interview for an article, says that simply having a MySpace account has opened doors of communication with students simply because he’s seen as accessible and modern.

Still, these social sites have a horrible reputation even though many people’s perceptions about the sites (and the people who use them) may be incorrect. According to the article: Continue reading

Snarky Time

Does the person in the final panel seem familiar? Maybe that student who sits in the back corner of the room trying to listen to his iPod each period? Maybe he asks, “when do we get out of here?” or some other charming query? I think I had quite a few of his ilk last semester.

(Click on the cartoon to enlarge it.)