How to Attract More Teachers to Education

I’m normally quite patient. However, I tire of the continuing questions surrounding how to attract new teachers to the profession: incentive pay, merit pay, favorable schedules, allowances, priority housing, signing bonuses, and more.

Pay them more! Start all salaries at a level comparable to other professionals, and the applications will pour in.

A teacher at the NEA-RA recalled speaking at the general assembly 25 years ago about this very topic. She related that her solution was to raise all salaries 50%. Last week she again said raising salaries is the only sure way to do it. 25 years and the problem remains the same, and the solution–granted, very expensive and unpopular–is known.

Pay them, and they will come.

5 thoughts on “How to Attract More Teachers to Education

  1. Mystery Teacher

    Yep! That is the main solution. That in order to keep them, treat them with respect and like they actually know something.

  2. Anonymous

    I think that increasing pay would definately attract more teachers. Being a future teacher that is one part of the job I am concerned about and I know some of my classmates are as well. We talk about how we will be able to support ourselves that first year teaching but I know that part of this uncertainity is just the unknown and that it will all work out. Another reason that I think that not as many people may be turning out to be teachers is definately because of the respect factor. I know I have been laughed at when I have told people that I am going to be a teacher. They ask, “what are you going to do all day, color?” It’s hard to hear people making fun of the profession that I have always wanted to be a part of. But no matter what others think and how the pay is I am going to teach and make it work the best way I possibly can.

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