The Year in Review

I’m such a geek when it comes to teaching. Two weeks after the school year concludes, I’m ready to start again. Since I can’t have a classroom full of students to teach, I go back and revise and adapt my curriculum lessons during July and August. This year I have some more revisions to make, of course.

First, in Sophomore Honors English I want to include a writing assignment, even if a small one, every two weeks. This may take the form of more poetry and literary terms analysis, so I can combine units a bit more, killing two birds with the proverbial stone. I would also like to splash about a few small speeches prior to the final culminating speech to help the kids get more comfortable.

Next, in American Literature I think I’m going to redesign completely the order of my texts used. I will teach everything through the required literary terms since a mastery test is required to pass the course regardless of grade. This would still take us through the literature but would focus us more directly towards the exit standard of the mastery test.

Then, in Mythology and Writing I’d like to have the students complete a small project every month instead of one large culminating project. The students just get too stressed near the end of the class, and having such a crucial single assignment determine so much of a student’s grade seems a bit excessive so late in the year.

Lastly, in American Survey (our College in the High School class) I will do a lot of revising along with the other teacher who will teach the class for the first time. I have a feeling we’ll spend quite a bit of time on my new deck redesigning the course. We’ll still move chronologically and cover all of the writing periods, but I’d like to add more timed writing and major work projects to complement the smaller reading selections, which must include more poetry.

Overall, I think this is a good plan of attack.

3 thoughts on “The Year in Review

  1. drpezz Post author

    I will probably post about each class as I finish the work. However, I’ll be leaving Wednesday for DC for two weeks, so my posts will be scant until mid-July.


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