Two Million Minutes

Has anyone seen Two Million Minutes? I would like to see it, and even if I suspect it’s solely a businessman’s perspective, I think it could have some interesting insights.

Here is an article regarding the film about how time is spent in American high schools compared to two Asian high schools.


7 thoughts on “Two Million Minutes

  1. drpezz Post author

    My only reservation after reading through the site is that the film sounds like it’s all about the sciences and math, essentially a business point of view. I’m curious what it’ll be like.

  2. Jim Van Pelt

    Whoops, that was me, and it sent early. The book is called DISRUPTING CLASS by Clayton M. Christensen. The subheadline is “How disruptive innovation will change the way the world learns.” It will give you some light summer reading about how computers and the online world will change education. It’s been a very entertaining read so far.

  3. David Fordee

    I read that the DVD for this movie comes out in November. I would love to see it. I teach a couple of AVID classes and I definitely want my kids to see it. If only to understand the other side of the world and how many demands are made upon those kids. That is their competition in a world economy.

    I, like you, were a little upset at the focus on math/science at first. Then I realized that those fields are where we are getting creamed by the rest of the world. And it only makes sense that it would be their focus. But, as a history teacher – it upset me that the humanities were not a focus. But, it is understandable.


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