“Final Exams are Hard”

The title of this post is what a student told me today after he finished his first high school exam. He’s right, if he’s not prepared.

Finals can be hard for teachers, too, especially when it sometimes feels as though I’m one of the few giving them. Here’s my list of complaints (sorry, but this site helps me vent at times) for the first day of finals:

  • Teachers need to give a final or finish off their instruction with a presentation or some other culminating activity. Even an enrichment activity would do. It’s not a free day to goof off.
  • I don’t want to challenge another class in kick ball! I must’ve had four kids ask me this today.
  • I guess I’m not cool today because I didn’t throw a party.
  • Apparently, I’m strict also because tomorrow I won’t have a PlayStation or XBox to play in class. Nope, no Guitar Hero during the final time.
  • Sorry, but I’m not dismissing students early to roam the halls or leave school when Johnny finishes the final. I guess that liability thing is a bummer.
  • I’m also not canceling class. Just because the teacher down the hall wants to leave as the bell sounds does not mean I will. I’m still giving the final.

I hate sounding like the school’s fuddy-duddy, but I am trying to uphold the integrity of the course as well as fulfill the expectations set by the principal for finals week. As odd as it sounds coming from me, I do wish the administrators left their offices a bit more, in this case to observe who does teach through to the end and who does not. Otherwise, policies are put in place for everyone when only a minority are violating the testing week’s guidelines.

Ah well. Tomorrow I have two classes performing speeches and paper readings, so my day is actually fairly easy. I should be able to finish packing up my room during my prep time, which does make me happy. These readings and speeches have been excellent thus far, so it should be a smooth second day of finals.


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