Handing Out Diplomas

I felt quite honored today to have a few students request that I hand them their diplomas during graduation next week. They are so cute when they ask. Their faces blush a bit; they smile while looking away, and then they ask if I’m going to the ceremony. And finally, they meekly ask if I will hand them the diploma.

As adorable and embarrassed as they are when they ask, I truly do feel honored and humbled to be requested. It’s their day, and they want to share their first moment with a diploma with me. We’ll quickly smile for the picture to be taken, and then we’ll meet up afterwards for more pictures and hugs and excited parents.

It’s a wonderful time, and one of the few times during the year when I do tear up a bit. I hate seeing them leave but love to watch their excitement at the same time, a true bittersweet moment. I love these guys.

1 thought on “Handing Out Diplomas

  1. David Fordee

    I had the honor of calling names at graduation and it was very intense. It was also our school’s first ever graduation. That made it pretty special.

    I can imagine their blushing faces as they ask you. Pretty cute.


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