2 Weeks of Seniors To Go!

We have two more weeks of school, and I only have two senior students in danger of failing one of my classes. If I can persuade this dynamic duo to attend class, I can get the work out of them, but the key is their attendance. I’m confident they’ll be here. Originally, I had 11 students on our “danger list,” but nine students buckled down and put themselves in a mathematically safe position.

I love working with seniors from September through May, but June is a nightmarish maelstrom!


4 thoughts on “2 Weeks of Seniors To Go!

  1. Betty

    I can only imagine that a lot of seniors mentally check out in June. Hopefully, the two remaining on the danger list will realize they need to kick it in gear and get busy. Schools in the Dallas area are finishing this week. It’s just too hot to think!

  2. drpezz Post author

    We’ve had a cols spell here keeping the temperature in the 60s. I think this has kept a lot of kids off the river and in their homes getting work done. At least, I like to think so.


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