We Lost Another One

I previously posted about the possibility of losing more than one great teacher at my high school because of the administration, and now it’s official. Math Genius left and now Promising accepted a job just down the road. In a conversation with my wife and I, Promising said the administration’s attempts to force him to teach what he wasn’t hired to do was the deciding factor.

A “blank wall” is what one teacher calls the administrative team since they can’t seem to see what is going on around them. I think “inhuman wall” is more apt because they don’t seem to care about how their decisions affect the staff. Their decisions will reverberate for years after they are gone.

Also, I have been approached by six people in the building for references or to let me know they are now or may be putting applications out for new jobs because of the direction our school is heading.

I could provide more examples of the Great Blindness of the front office, but I think the point is made. 

Yikes! What will happen next?


4 thoughts on “We Lost Another One

  1. Jim Van Pelt

    It doesn’t sound like a happy school, Doc. We have a middle school in our district that is suffering too. All but one teacher in the 8th grade core is leaving.

  2. drpezz Post author

    It’s a tough one. I love the kids and community and do not plan to leave, but I do feel we will have to start anew once this administration leaves.

  3. Linda F

    This should be one of the BAD signs districts look for, when evaluating an administrator – do the good ones tend to jump the ship?

    Sadly, it’s never looked at, to my knowledge.

  4. drpezz Post author

    I keep saying, somewhat tongue in cheek, the principal has dirt on someone at the district office. If I made as many blunders as she does, I’d have been fired long ago.


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