The Matrix in Class

I purchased some movie units from Michael Vetrie, an alternative high school teacher in Sun Valley, CA, and I’m going to try one tomorrow. I will show The Matrix in half-hour segments, so the students can do the following:

  • compose a double-entry journal,
  • study the film using literary terms,
  • analyze critical quotations in the novel
  • plot how Neo follows the heroic cycle,
  • list the ways Neo could be considered a Christ-like character, and
  • look at how the directors use specific camera shots for effect.

I’m hoping the students will become more engaged because of the use of film even though I’m still teaching the same skills. All told, I’m figuring a week will be needed to complete this single film unit.

I did have to send permission forms to parents since the film is rated ‘R,’ but each student’s parent signed the form. I’m hopeful this could open a means of including more types of literature in our courses. If it grabs the students’ attention and can enhance, enrich, or supplement the current curriculum, I’m all for it.

I guess the question remains: would you choose the red pill or the blue pill?

P.S. My favorite line is when the Oracle says to Neo, “Ohh, what’s really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?”

5 thoughts on “The Matrix in Class

  1. mrschili


    I LOVE this film, and I love it as literature. You’re going to have a BLAST with this – keep us up-to-the-minute updated, please; I want to go on this ride with you.

    I’d take the red pill. Knowledge ALWAYS trumps ignorance (and do talk with them about Cypher’s decision to be put back in the Matrix without remembering anything – HOW can he trust that his conditions will be met?!)

    Your Oracle quote is one of my favorites, too – but I really love the opening scene; “No, Lieutenant, your men are already dead” and when Trinity realizes what’s coming and says, “Shhhhit!”

  2. ms_teacher

    Can I be a student in your class? Truly, if my English teacher did something like this rather than just talk about that damned billboard in The Great Gatsby, I might have actually understood literary devices a little better πŸ˜‰


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