Sports Give Me Hope Sometimes

I’m biased on this one since the Good Samaritans upon whom this article centers are from my alma mater, but this is one of those stories that makes me feel wonderful about how athletics transcend competition and actually represent the best in people.

In a dream-come-true scenario, a senior Western Oregon batter named Sara Tucholsky hit her first home run. Then, a nightmarish situation arose when she suffered a catastrophic knee injury near first base. If her own teammates were to touch her, she would be called out, and if she was replaced the batter would have had to remain at first base according to the umpires at the game. Instead, two Central Washington University players, one of whom is an all-star player, scooped her up and helped her tag the remaining bases en route to a 4-2 Western Oregon playoff-deciding victory. That’s honor and sportsmanship!


2 thoughts on “Sports Give Me Hope Sometimes

  1. Betty

    That is such a moving story. It’s how one feels after an event that matters, and I’m sure all of the fans left the stands proud of those two girls.

  2. drpezz Post author

    I guess the athletes came out of the dugouts to applaud, and then the crowd began to pick up on what was happening and began to cheer too.


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