Movie and BBQ

I turned the movie evening with my students into a hot dog feed. While they watched the movie (Minority Report because of reading Julius Caesar), I barbecued hot dogs and provided chips and pop. It was great!

The best part was watching the kids figure out why I showed them this Tom Cruise action flick. Suddenly eyes would open wide, and they’d mouth the words “I get it” or “I see why” and then they’d grin and go back to watching the screen. By the end of the film all twenty kids figured it out.

That is learning! Food doesn’t hurt either.


3 thoughts on “Movie and BBQ

  1. mrschili

    That IS learning, and it makes me crazy that there’s precious little room for it anymore in our NCLB-crazed world…

    GOOD for you! Now, you gonna make ’em write?

  2. drpezz Post author

    They will be doing a diction analysis next on either JC or Antigone. We’re going to look carefully at the persuasive techniques, logical fallacies, and literary devices employed by the characters (ultimately, the playwrights but you know what I mean).


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