Class Size

Our English classes are slated to be maxed out again next year. In a year when our department was told we were the focus for class size help, we will again have 32 students in every freshman course (our most at-risk students) and in each sophomore course. This does not bode well.


4 thoughts on “Class Size

  1. NYC Educator

    Funny how these things work out. Our maximum is 34, and we regularly reach it. There are exceptions, though, so they often exceed it. I have friends stuck with classes of 40.

  2. Mystery Teacher

    I had 43 4th graders last year. 10 of them were severe problem children. I don’t think I really taught. I think I barely survived. I had over 30 all year this year. 3 of them are Autistic. However, I have had a better year. Especially since they got the kid who was trying to kill another student out of our room.
    When are they going to learn that teachers can’t teach when class sizes are large. It takes too much time to control everyone.

  3. drpezz Post author

    Oddly enough, the expectation is that every student write every day. Thankfully no one has said I have to read everything every student writes. 🙂

    I do my best and try to collect assignments at random, so the students have to do them all and I can collect them as I can manage the load.

  4. Betty

    I had a principal who was convinced that class size didn’t matter. Of course, he wasn’t the one tripping over book bags, grading papers, conferencing with students, etc. There are only so many minutes in a day, and spending quality time with each student makes a difference.


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