Daily Archives: April 6, 2008

Project Pictures

I took a few pictures of projects for the end of The Great Gatsby unit. Each pair of students had to create an artistic rendition based on a quotation (Eckleburg’s eyes were popular) with an explanation, a sonnet connecting three characters, three essay question answers, and everything compiled into a display of some sort.

Here are a few of the results, and I was impressed:

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Beautiful Boards-a-Plenty

A while ago I mentioned that I had my students research topics for the era in which our novels take place. We then used their findings to create visually pleasing bulletin boards. The requirements were:

  • to include at least one image for each researched item,
  • to type up a 6-8 sentence description or history for each selected item,
  • to cite each source using MLA formatting (no Wikipedia allowed), and
  • to create an eye-catching display for the researched items.

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