Outlawed Drug Testing

Today an article explained how the state Supreme Court deemed random drug tests for athletes unconstitutional. One portion of the article reads:

“We cannot countenance random searches of public school student athletes,” under the Washington Constitution, Justice Richard Sanders wrote. “We require a warrant except for rare occasions which we jealously and narrowly guard.”

Does this mean random drug testing of all students is legal? Probably not. It sounds as though some sort of suspicion is required to test a student for drugs as the article’s author states: “The ruling does not bar searches of a particular student if there is a suspicion that he or she is using drugs.”

Also stated in the article is this: “Article I Section 7 reads: ‘No person shall be disturbed in his private affairs, or his home invaded, without authority of law.'” Although other states do allow these random drug tests of students, the Washington Constitution does not seem to allow this.

Even though I do wish students could be randomly drug tested, I feel students should not have to leave their rights “at the schoolhouse gate.” This, to me, seems to be of paramount importance. Eliminating liberty should not be a part of personal precautionary measures; students should not shed their freedoms for the sake of safety.


One thought on “Outlawed Drug Testing

  1. mrschili

    SUCH hard questions. I agree that we should be excruciatingly careful with our civil liberties (Goodness knows we’re losing them fast as it is), but I also see the value in random drug testing.

    This is why I’m an English teacher and not a lawyer…


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