Think about this: according to a new study, approximately 26% of teen girls–that’s 3 million of them–have an STD.

This is on the heels of the JagWire getting lambasted for pointing out what others deny ignore: teens are sexually active, and we need better systems of relaying information to them regarding intimacy and protection.

4 thoughts on “Frightening!

  1. Betty

    A lot of parents live in the pretend world. The study you mentioned should wake up a few people. Teenagers haven’t changed since I was in school. Several of my friends became pregnant when we were in the ninth grade. My mother told me it happened because they came in “contact” with a boy. That was the end of our conversation. I think some parents are still giving out the same information.

  2. Clix

    And that’s just based on those who tested positive for STDs. Several can be treated and cured – I couldn’t find in the article if they included whether or not a teen had had an STD in the past.

    (It also didn’t say what THEY meant by “a representative sample.”)

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