Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

Oral Sex Story

Emerald Ridge High School’s student newspaper, the JagWire, recently published a set of featured articles centering on oral sex, and now the newspaper is under fire. Having read the four pages of material, I feel the students attempted to shed light on a topic, a potentially life-threatening topic, which no one else wanted to mention. A journalist’s job is to initiate conversation and to bring to light issues often left in the dark. The JagWire writers did just this.

One article detailed how more than 1/3 of the students at Emerald Ridge have engaged in oral sex activities. This information came from a survey of more than 600 students, which leads me to believe that more than the 34% who admitted their activities may have also engaged in these acts since students are often known to hide their behaviors even in anonymity.

This article also noted that the sexual education classes provided do not adequately explain, and often do not mention, oral sex and how to protect oneself when engaged in this intimate act. Students seemed to indicate that oral sex did not count as sex in general; if intercourse did not occur, then the students did not count it as sex (possibly not even as sexual contact). The students surveyed additionally did not seem to connect sexually transmitted diseases with oral sex, a dangerous disconnection in my mind. Continue reading