Lucky Coincidence

I work with the Academic Teams at my high school, and we had a semifinal match in a quiz bowl event today and we had a fortuitous coincidence today.

Each day I put a “Useless Factoid” on the board for my students. Today’s was, “A slug is essentially a snail without a home.” This sounded better than “a slug is the only mollusk without a shell.”

Today at a critical juncture in the quiz bowl match, the question asked was “What is the only mollusk without…” At that moment one of my kids buzzed in and, in a giggling voice, said “a slug has no shell.” I and the alternate sitting next to me began laughing, covering our mouths so no one could hear us. My entire team on-stage was laughing, too.

After the match we explained our hilarity, which of course elicited a mentioning of serendipity from the host. Fortune smiled upon us today.

By the way, we won going away and have the championship on Friday. Go team!

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