Movie Violence & Kids

Hyperviolent and excessively gory. That is exactly how I would describe the new Rambo movie. I can’t say I’m altogether shocked; however, I did have one surprise while watching this brainless, Stallone-created ego trip: kids were in the theater!

That’s right, kids. Decapitations, amputations, disembowelments, sadistic scenes of violence (towards women, too), and hundreds of bloody bullet wounds and 10 kids at least under the age of 10 watched it all (I counted). One little girl cried partway through the film.

Why would anyone expose their kids to this? Boggles the mind. This type of viewing at such a young and impressionable age must have some detrimental effects. People claim film can have a positive effect on people, so it’s reasonable to assume it can have a negative effect as well.

And, no, Rambo did not break a hip as one might have expected.

3 thoughts on “Movie Violence & Kids

  1. Frumteacher

    Horrible… I discussed the Saw IV movie with my students through reading a newspaper article about it. I was shocked to hear that part of my students intended to go there.

  2. Scott McLeod

    I remember seeing Starship Troopers in the theater way back when and there was a 4- or 5-year-old in the audience sobbing for her mother to take her home. Very, very sad.

  3. Mrs. Chili

    I do not understand what people are thinking here. Small people do not have the capacity to understand that film is not reality and it’s that disconnect that’s causing a lot of our problems with violence in the real world.


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