Stress Reducer

One of my absolute favorite stress reducers is taking my current bubble-gum novel (you know, the ones you can chew on and then spit out at any time), sitting in a quiet spot in a restaurant, and then reading my book. A quiet meal with a good story is an excellent way to relax and escape for a short time.

I have to admit that once I leave the school, I do like to escape the heavy classroom reading and do enjoy a bit of escapism for a short spell.

With my wife sleeping on the couch all day–about as sick as I’ve ever seen her–I have gone to town and had a large burrito yesterday and pizza tonight. Can’t beat it: comfort food and an adventure tale.


3 thoughts on “Stress Reducer

  1. Betty

    I buy books on the clearance rack at Half Price books. If I don’t like them, I just give them away. I also love reading a good book and eating comfort food. I hope your wife is feeling better.

  2. drpezz Post author

    Thanks for the well wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just love shopping for books as well. Maybe I should have put this in my “Embracing my Inner Geek” post, at least my students would say I should’ve.

  3. mrschili

    Oh, book buying is DEFINITELY my weakness. Some women buy shoes; I buy books. And I never, EVER give them away. The closest I come is selling them back to the bookstore so I can buy more books…

    As sick as you’ve ever seen her, and you’re GOING OUT?! What kind of husband are you, anyway?

    Seriously, though? I hope she’s feeling better. Asleep on the couch is only lovely if it’s voluntary…


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