Money to Move

I read an article the other day stating that teachers are not necessarily motivated by money to switch schools and to work in at-risk schools. One researcher stated that a 48% pay increase would be needed to spur teachers to switch schools.

I’m one of them.

I would need a huge incentive to leave a community I love, a school in which I’m established, and
the students and parents with whom I’ve built bonds. I live comfortably, though not extravagantly, but I feel I have all I need. I’m happy here.

But I can be bought if the price is right. I’m ready to negotiate.  🙂


One thought on “Money to Move

  1. Clix

    I told my students that while no, I would not allow them to leave early for lunch, I would not physically stop them from leaving the room.

    “But you’ll write us up for skipping if we do!” was the reply, to which I gleefully re-replied, “Yes!”

    So some fool offered to bribe me not to write him up and I said, “Depends. What’s your offer?” Well, he wanted to know what it would take. “I’d really like a Ferrari,” I said. “So – a fully loaded Ferrari Enzo, CD changer, heated seats, the works. Or $650,000. Whichever is easier.” That brought some laughs.

    Then someone else piped in, “So if we get you a real Ferrari, you’ll let us leave early for lunch?”

    “Oh no,” I replied. “That’s what it costs to get me to lie ONCE.”

    They did some quick math, realized it’d take a little over $20 million to let everyone leave for lunch early without getting written up, and said they’d pass on it.



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