Finals Change?

I stumbled upon a piece of information from a fellow colleague that our finals schedule may be changed despite finals being a couple weeks away. I guess a meeting for department heads is scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the issue. The rationale for the change is that “a few” teachers are not following the schedule as it’s written. Currently, we have two 90 minute finals for three days with the rest of each day’s classes remaining the regular time. Once a class’ final is taken, the course is over.

First, I would expect the administration to ensure the teachers uphold their responsibilities and follow the given, agreed upon schedule we’ve used for a number of years now. The reason for a possible change seems odd and makes me wonder if I should just break the rules I don’t like, so we’ll change them. Cynical and snarky, I know.

Still, I create my finals at the beginning of each semester and work backwards, setting up lessons needed to meet end-of-term learning goals. Assessments guide my teaching, so a last minute alteration would greatly affect me.

On a less selfish level, I really wish the administration would take up these issues with those who break the established procedures. This mirrors how our attendance practices became more difficult for teachers when “10% of the staff” has trouble upholding their responsibilities. 90% success is pretty good, and I’m truly hoping this isn’t a knee-jerk reaction to a small population not doing their duties.


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