I’m not teaching as well as I should want to right now. I’m just going to throw out my frustrations in a venting session and call it good. Catharsis time.

1. My classes are just too large! My smallest class has thirty kids, and all of my courses are literature and writing courses. I’m getting overload pay, but it doesn’t buy me more time. I can’t do as much or spend as much time with individual students as I’d like. The district doesn’t seem to be looking to help with this overcrowding any time soon.

2. I’m teaching a new class, a college in the high school class, for the first time. This requires quite a bit more of my time than I normally have to put into a course, and I know I’m not my best right now. I absolutely know I’ll do a better job with this class next year, but it doesn’t make me feel better right now.

3. I’ve put a lot on my plate outside of teaching. I have the following jobs this year: football stats guy (which is over now, thankfully), committee member for creating a new intervention system, union executive board member, Knowledge Bowl coach, regional Knowledge Bowl coordinator, and am now being asked about the department chair position. I am going to have to cut something soon. I’m getting too tired, and my attention is taken from my classes too often.

4 . My administrative team doesn’t inspire me to be better or to be more involved.  I just don’t see a big vision, a plan to improve, or a willingness to know what we (teachers) do every day. There’s a definite us vs. them and divide and conquer mentality here.

5. Meetings are killing me! We have them weekly just to have them. Almost everything in these weekly meetings could be e-mailed. Grrr. And they never start on time! I just don’t feel my time is valued.

6. Most importantly, I miss my wife! She’s about as busy as I am, and I want to be a better husband and want us to have more “us time.” We need to make this a more conscious priority.

Ok, my complaint session is over. I’m good now.  I love the kids, love what I teach, and love my colleagues, and I’m honestly excited to get back to work tomorrow.


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