My wife says this comic could be me.


4 thoughts on “Hmm…

  1. Hugh O'Donnell

    LOL, Doc! I was gonna use that on my recent meta blogging post, and then realized I might have a problema. 🙂

    I love that strip. Rat’s gotten after Goat for his blog a few other times, too. Too close to the bone, sometimes!

    I take it your wife’s not a blogger. (If I was drinking coffee right now, it would be all over my keyboard. Your post is funny on so many levels.)

    Thanks for the chuckle, Doc. 🙂

    Hugh aka Repairman

  2. Mrs. Chili

    Yeah, my husband doesn’t understand blogging, either. Doesn’t keep me from doing it, though (I don’t beat him with coffee mugs about his resistance, though…)

  3. ms. whatsit

    The rat is observant and wise! We bloggers are a misunderstood species. I am hopeful that one day we’ll be more widely respected. Who knows though?

  4. DrPezz

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I read this comic again and shared it with another teacher-blogger in my school, and we laughed again. It’s just so fitting!


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