If you haven’t seen Chalk, you need to leave the house right now and get it. And watch it. And laugh. And shake your head. And laugh some more. I laughed so hard I cried.

I’m not sure if I laughed so hard because the move was that funny or if I could relate so much to some of the teachers and their plights. Plus, I recognized some of the characters teaching in the classroom next to me or sitting in the third row of my class.

If you’re a teacher, you’ll get it and love it. In some ways, the cover says it all.

Other movies I enjoy as a teacher:

Stand and Deliver

And for a real stretch: Idiocracy


2 thoughts on “Chalk

  1. Mrs. Chili

    Stand and Deliver is one of my favorite movies, though I don’t own it (I should fix that). I learned my nines times tables from Edward James Olmos…

  2. Hugh O'Donnell

    “Teachers” with Nick Nolte is my favorite teacher movie.

    I identified with the burned-out social studies teacher he played.

    Of course, I saw it in one of my flat line years! 😉


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