Final Projects

I finally decided to give my final projects to my students in my Sophomore Honors class. They are going to choose three of the following four options for their A Tale of Two Cities project:

1. The students must choose a moving or critical quotation or passage and create a visual representation based on it. Paintings, drawings, and the like are acceptable, and the selected quotation or passage must be a part of the representation. In addition, the students must compose a short explanation about color choice, images, and so on.

2. This option requires the students to select eight literary devices from the class list and to create a graph/chart. On the chart the students must have a column for the devices, a quotation showing the device’s employ, and the effect of its use.

3. Here, the students recreate a key scene from the novel and film it to play in class. Clothing, backgrounds, and dialogue must be authentic, and the students must have excellent film work.

4. This final option allows the students to compose a 300-400 word eulogy for any character from the novel.

My American Survey class will finish Fools Crow this week as well. They will select a 100 word passage and will compose a diction analysis. For now, this is all they will do since they have written three essays on the novel already. Besides this, I’m excited to start The Crucible.

My Mythology students will choose two of the following options (though I stacked the points, so the sonnet is a desirable option):

1. A Shakespearean sonnet where each of the first three quatrains summarize three different myths and the final couplet explains the connection between the three myths.

2. An original myth which must include eight mythological figures. The myth must either explain the creation of something, follow two lovers overcoming obstacles for their love, or teach a moral or lesson. These three types mirror the myths we’ve covered thus far.

3. A comic book summarizing one of the tales covered in class.

4. A picture book aimed at children teaching kids about mythological figures.

I look forward to these finished projects!


3 thoughts on “Final Projects

  1. Mrs. Chili

    I’d be looking forward to them, too! You’ve got some GREAT stuff there – I particularly love the eulogy idea!


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