Here is my to-do list for Friday:

– Get to school by 7:30
– Finish putting up my wall hangings (the “happy wall” is finished – yea!)
– Send out union notices (need to set up a meeting with the building reps to coordinate who will represent which faculty members)
– Avoid the Boss Lady
– Meet with another teacher about my first time as an adjunct professor in the high school (my new class – woo-hoo!)
– Lunch! (and avoid the Boss Lady)
– Finish my online history course (I’m almost finished with the final project)
– Dinner with a retired teaching couple I love
– Prepare for my parents’ visit

I’m on the local union’s executive board as the high school’s main representative. The previous one is now in another union position, but he was (unjustly) attacked by the Boss Lady because he would not allow violations of our contract to go unnoticed. He would ensure that proper procedures were followed, which did not allow Boss Lady to cut corners or slight staff members and programs. This, of course, means I am now in the crosshairs of the Boss Lady, and I’m curious when she will let me know I’m in her sights.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to this year. I’ve got kids already (we start Sept. 4) e-mailing me, teachers coming in early to ask questions and collaborate, and the union president showing me the history of the current issues. I’m learning lots and getting giddy to begin.

Today I read all of my notes and cards from kids, which really gets me motivated. I keep everything and fill my wall behind my desk, reading each card and note as it’s posted. I love seeing all those smiling faces on the wall. What a way to get me inspired. At least I know I had a few successes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s do it!

6 thoughts on “Checklist

  1. Mrs. Chili

    Remind me, please, of what level you teach?

    (just as an immature aside, my word verification “word” is fckusag. This is not helping my self-esteem this morning…)

  2. Mimi

    Wow! You’re busy! Love the wall of inspiration idea. I keep mine in a binder of sorts but maybe it would be nice to post them so I could just check in with them quickly when the day gets rough…

  3. Mz.H

    the wall of inspiration is great! I’m starting my first year as building rep and go for my union rep training on Monday before inservice starts (we don’t have to report here in Oregon until Tuesday either). I’m really looking forward to it. Will we sing “Bread and Roses” to open the training? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Peter A. Stinson

    Er, does the “boss lady” read your blog? My blogs are so transparent that were I do write that I was avoiding the boss, he’d come find me…


  5. DrPezz

    Honestly, I think people will eventually find this blog. If she looks for me, she knows where I am. With the exception of evaluation time and an occasional department meeting, I really never see her up here (opposite side of the building).

    I’m not confrontational, but I won’t lie down for anyone. If I disagree, I voice it. I show everyone respect, though I try to just do my thing and avoid having to deal with people who make my job harder.


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