A Mariner Cy Young Candidate?

While driving along today searching for radio stations, I happened upon a conversation between two sports reporters debating whether or not J.J. Putz of the Seattle Mariners, (my favorite team and should be yours) should receive recognition as a Cy Young candidate.

Now I contend that the following conditions must be met, or else J.J. will have no chance:

– J.J. cannot blow a save,
– Putz must save at least 50 games,
– he must have an ERA under 1.00,
– the Mariners must make the playoffs,
– Johan Santana must stumble a bit, and
– no AL pitcher can win 22 games.

It’s just so difficult for a reliever to win the Cy Young that his numbers must be ridiculous (ala Gagne in ’03). I don’t believe the award is out of the question but could be out of the realm of possibility simply because I still feel the Mariners are a stretch to catch the Angels, Tigers, or Indians–all of which are more complete teams.


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